OUTLOOK ERROR CODE 3253-“outlook not sending emails”

OUTLOOK ERROR CODE 3253-“outlook not sending emails”

Are you getting Outlook Error Code-3253 displaying the message “Connection to the Server failed or was dropped”? This blog is going to discuss to fix this error. However, if you want to get it fixed by an expert, you are most welcomed to call our Outlook technical support number +1-877-424-6647.


About the Error Code 3253

This error shows the failure of connection to the server that restricts the user from sending email but can able to receive. It occurs suddenly without giving warning which frustrates the user. It occurs due to some of the following reasons:
·         Large size of the sent email folder
·         wrong information for the Outlook account setup to Internet email account
·         Corruption of the Mac Outlook system.

Fix the Outlook Error Code 3253

Follow below steps to fix this error:

1. Find the type of email account setup in Mac Outlook which can be POP3, IMAP, Exchange Active Sync (EAS) or MS Exchange.

·         Go to File >> Info >> Account Settings and check the drop down list option. EAS account can be Hotmail.com, Live.com or Outlook.com account.

2. Set up the email account in a new profile in Outlook 2016 by below steps:

  • Using Finder, go to Applications Folder
  • Right-click on MS Outlook, then select Show Package Contents
  • Go to Contents >> Shared Support
  • double-click on Outlook Profile Manager
  • Click on Create a new profile and type the name of the new profile.
  • Select Add account in the set up page
  • To add among the options, enter the detailed information needed for account and click on Add Account
  • Under Tools Tab, click on Accounts to add more email accounts

3. Add an Exchange Account

·         Click on Add option at bottom left corner,
·         Select Exchange and type the information related to Exchange account.
User can configure the account automatically by selecting Configure automatically option and click on Add account.

4. Add an IMAP or POP account

·         Click  Add, select Other Email option,
·         enter the account details 
·         Click Add account.
The user can type the information manually if the user can not configure manually.
To add online email accounts such as Google, contact your ISP (internet service provider) to get account related information (IMAP or POP account type) and address of the mail server.
To add MS accounts such as outlook.com enter the information below:

Hope this blog discuss regarding the methods of fixing of Outlook Error Code 3253 will be worthy and helpful. To get better support, the user can dial Outlook helpline number +1877-424-6647.

User can get more information about Outlook from below video.

MICROSOFT_OUTLOOK by ranju-kumari


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